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< Tell us about yourself breifly- name, age, location-kate, 13, mass.
2) Explain to us one issue you have very strong views on. Racism..not as much as insulting words, but excluding a certain kind of people from stuff. With the whole 9-11 thing, whenever a kid sees a muslim, it's "OSAMA! TERRORIST! NICE TURBAN FAG!" and stuff..I don't know.
3) What do you wish to become when you grow up. Well, I want my band to become FAMOUS, haha. If not still be playing bass but work at like uh..a nice place.
4) favorite
bands-kittie, my ruin, deftones, zao, every time i die, bane, nora..
movies-the new guy, white oleander, bully,
people-my friends and my english teacher.
places-my house.
(basically anything you feel the need to put)
5) pictures! (3+)

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