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Beautifully You

deliciously vain

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H0w to join:
1) Tell us about yourself breifly- name, age, location
2) Explain to us one issue you have very strong views on.
3) What do you wish to become when you grow up.
4) favorite-
(basically anything you feel the need to put)
5) pictures! (3+)
1. Once you join, you need to post your pictures within 48 hours. Members that have already been accepted will vote on you. Before you are given an acceptance stamp, you may only comment on your own post. Please do not comment on any other posts until you are stamped.

2. Please make it clear to us that you are new... by either placing "new" in the subject line or just saying that you are new. Otherwise people may get confused...somehow.
3. Please try to post at least 3 clear pictures of youself BEHIND AN LJ CUT! The pictures can be photoshopped but just make sure that some are more natural and that all convey your general look so we have some sort of substance to vote on.
4. Don't be hurt by what we may say. Everybody has a different oppinion of beauty and just because you get a no, you are not automatically going to be sent to the depths of hell and perish in ugly flames. ;)

5. I dont want to have to explain about bothering and insulting the existing members... just dont.

6. We will try to start themes once the community gets running but for now were just going to promote, accept and reject.

7. Any suggestions can be sent to pretecute06@aol.com or soccerangel66@aol.com

8. Stamped members are allowed to post as many posts as they want and are also allowed to promote. (you cannot promote unless you are stamped-sorry)

9. If you change journal names and wish to remain part of the community, please let us know.

10. finally- please have fun! Don't act too serious about this all...it's not life or death. :)