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Sex-I have a Vagina
Sexuality-I like boys
Astrological sign-Cancer baby!
Turn ons-Tongues, immaturaty(to an extent), Long, shaggy hair, died hair, mohawks and spies
Turn offs-smellyness, mean people, basically bad hygene, whores
How important are looks to you?:what looks?
Do you still own your virginity?: I could.
Favorite smell-Vanilla/any type of men's fufu..(it jsut smells so damn good)
Name 5 of your favorite movies-
-Nightmare before christmas
-Rocky Horror Picture Show
-Pulp Fiction
-Cry baby(johnny Depp...*orgasms*)
Name at least 5 of your favorite bands-
-Bikini Kill
-The Distillers
-The Adicts
-Sham 69
Quick answers to what you think of Abortion?I go 2 ways on that, i wouldnt ever abort, unless i were raped(same...with if another lady was raped then i say that she has a say in wether she wants to keep the baby) but if it was acts of stupidness, keep the baby, its your own damn fault.
Gay marriage? im all for it. Whatever makes a person happy, if marriage when gay, to the same sex makes you happy..i say have a nice night on your hunnymoon.
If you had to, what would you sterotype yourself as?:street punk
Something interesting about yourself:uhhhm...i like boy short underwear, thongs....*shivers*
How did you hear about this community? i was invited
What community did you promote us to? my own(rocker_cunts)
Why do you think you should be accepted? because im beautiful in my own way, i am honest, i dont beat around the bush, and because i liek makes me happy.
If you could add one question to this application what would it be? "what are you wearing right now"
What one would you remove?astrological sign
Please post at least 3 good pictures of yourself (showing your face clearly). There is no limit to how many you may post. (plus a 100x100 icon of yourself.)

^^im not like not a slut...

thats all i have right now.....enjoy?
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