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Im new!!

Hello! Im new! Just to warn you, my pictures are HUGE, Im really sorry...

Tell us about yourself breifly- name, age, location
My name is Drea! Im 18 years old and I live in Ohio.

Explain to us one issue you have very strong views on.
I have very strong (negative) views on the Bush administration in general. (I hope this isn’t too political and Im not offending anybody). I could go on forever detailing specific aspects of his policy that I violently disagree with, but one (less frequently discussed) aspect of the Republican agenda that I feel extremely strongly about is abstinence-only sex education, and the denial of funds to programs that refuse to adopt an abstinence-only approach. Abstinence-only sex education programs are not only responsible for denying the young people of America vital health information they need in order to make intelligent and safe decisions, but for spreading DANGEROUS MISINFORMATION regarding safe sex strategies in order to promote conformity with a certain religious viewpoint. For example, I read an article that described how in Texas, where Bush ruled, some sort of government funded sex ed program was responsible for putting commercials on television and elsewhere proclaiming condom use to be ineffective, using COMPLETELY FALSIFIED statistics to support this contention. The people responsible for these and similar adds hoped that the (apparent) lack of reasonable contraceptive and anti disease devices would convince young people to abstain from sex…instead, many young people just went ahead and had completely unprotected sex, since they had been told that condoms didn’t do anything, anyways. Young people are still going to choose to have sex no matter what, and have every right to make that choice as free citizens. The First Ammendment to the Constitution prohibits the establishment of a state religion, meaning that the government, or party that controls the government, has no right to impose its own religious values and morality on the populace, so long as the actions said government is seeking control do no harm or greatly infringe on the rights of others. Therefore, the decision to abstain, or not to abstain from sex is rightfully left to the individual. Abstinence only sex ed infringes on the ability of young people to make this decision in a safe and informed manner.

What do you wish to become when you grow up.
This is a very good question. Im an artist…I love to paint, and I will be entering college next year as an art major. I would love to make a career out of my art, or some sort of design, because right now it is my passion..it is what I love to do. However, Im afraid that I may not have the talent, passion and strength of character required to really make it as an artist. Im also really interested in language, social science…all the humanities…Law could be fun…so could work in publishing. The bottom line is Im 18 years old and I have no real idea what I want to do with my life. Hopefully itll be something with people.

4) favorite-
bands- Red Hot Chili Peppers, Manu Chao, Le Tigre, Elastica, Powerman 5000, The Doors…basically anything with a beat that’s not too whiny.
Movies- the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, L’Auberge Espanol…I love science fiction.
people- I cant pick favorite people!! I love everyone! My very best friend in the entire world socraticmachine, my parents, my sisters, all of my other wonderful friends…
places – my bedroom, Newark DE, anywhere where I am in the company of people I love.

(basically anything you feel the need to put)
Hmm, what else to say? Im a happy, friendly, compassionate sort of girl. Im new to the whole ratings community thing, so Im a little nervous! Please be gentle!

5) pictures! (3+)

me, goofing around

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