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1) Tell us about yourself breifly- name, age, location
Hey, I'm Serene, people usually call me Skiddy, 25 from Singapore, far far East :) I stay near the border, right beside Malaysia :)

2) Explain to us one issue you have very strong views on.
Animal abuse. I love animals and it just hurts a lot to see the things that people are capable of doing to them. What I feel - don't hurt a living thing that cannot fight back.

3) What do you wish to become when you grow up.
I am grown up :) But hey...who said kids can't have kids? Not that I have any...but I think no one should stop having fun. Sorry, back to the topic, I work with little kids now and in the near future, I do wanna work with animals, I don't mind if it's cleaning cages or clearing poop, I just like being close to them.

4) favorite-
Skid Row, RATM, STP, Korn, Mutha's Day Out, Dog Eat Dog

Ricky 6, American History X, The Ring

My Mum :) & deadborn.

this jetty near my apartment, its calming :) and my room, yeah :)

(basically anything you feel the need to put)
I like it when hippos twirl their ears. Tom Yorke makes me cry. People think I'm stuck up but I just don't open up that easily. I like piercings and tattoos. Bboys and camo turn me on.

5) pictures! (3+)

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