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1) Tell us about yourself breifly- I'm Bree, I'm 16 and from Avon, CT...mmm..avon...fun....
2) Something that I have very strong views on is gay marraige. I don't know what its like for gay couples, but I'm sure that it's really tough. People should be able to get married no matter what gender they and their partner are. I understand the argument about providing good and stable homes for children...but gay couples are also very loving and are as capable, if not more, than man/woman couples to raise children. They can adopt children...there are always tons of children that need homes and loving families. Plus, these children will grow up being accepting of differences. I also feel strongly about the CAPT testing that is done in ct...its a test that EVERYONE has to pass to graduate. It's not that bad...but children with learning disabilities are totally at a disadvantage...and thats really too bad cause then they have less of a chance at a future. haha sorry i know the app only says one...but i got worked up. :-/
3) I honestly don't know what I want to be....I've been thinking about interior designing...but whatever i do i just want to be happy. I don't want a job that i absolutely dread going to every day...something that holds my interests and helps other people as well. I'd like to make a good amount of money but if i dont...thats ok as long as im satisfied with my life.
4) favorite-
bands.....something corporate, dashboard confessional, juliana theory, and im really starting to like bright eyes.
movies...zoolander...superstar....dazed and confused.. (yea im mostly into movies that are so stupid theyre funny.)...and 28 days later
people..molly shannon...will ferrel...michael mcdonald (the guy from mad tv who plays stuart! oh man i <3 stuart)
places...bermuda...only been there once but i never wanted to leave. and i'd have to say home.
5) pictures!
me being really cool and playing dreamphone.trying to find the guy who says "i know who it is but im not telling! ha ha!"
me and my bf...its a really bad one of him though. poor kid.
new years

new years again
sorry for the red eyes in some of them! cameras hate me.
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you're adorable and you're honest.

haha aww thank you
so pretty. =D
PS: yes.


March 3 2004, 23:50:25 UTC 12 years ago


I would like to invite you to cutie_0r_not
I am looking for people to join. First 8 people are automatically accepted but I would like it if they still filled out the application.